Frequently Asked Questions

This frequently asked question often leads to another underlying one: “We pay substantial tuition and fees already, why should we do more?” The answer to both questions is simple. We ask that you contribute to give our young people every advantage possible in an increasingly competitive world. Yes, we have an outstanding faculty, curriculum and facility, but those who are satisfied with the status quo are generally left behind as new technologies, materials, and innovations emerge. We have a clearly defined Vision for Learning. We know where we are going and we know we will get there. However, tuition and fees are not enough to help us achieve these goals in a timely manner. We need the support of parents, alumni, and corporations to continue to give our students the very best.


The School Improvement Fund will be overseen by the Board of Trustees in the same manner as it oversees all of ISB’s financial matters, and it will be audited to the same standard as all other school funds.

We expect the School Improvement Fund to become a strong, active contributor to the learning and financial well-being of ISB. We will begin with small steps and move incrementally to expand the program. The processes that are already in place to request funds from individuals and organizations will be continued. As we learn more about best practices from other schools, we will enhance the scope of our giving program.


At this point, we expect that projects such as the following will be supported:

Scholarships: Supporting Thai students who are extraordinarily talented mathematicians, artists, writers and leaders, but who could not otherwise afford to attend ISB

University Admissions: Ensuring that ISB students have access to the world’s best universities

Teacher Training: Taking advantage of high quality professional development opportunities all over the world

Student Enrichment: Providing opportunities for students to take part in conventions the world over in areas such as such as Robotics competitions, Music & Arts Festivals, Model United Nations, Global Issues Network, and more