Navigating life in a new place can be daunting and trying to find out everything you need to know about daily life in a new city, while still being far away, can be challenging.

To help you with this, on this page, we have compiled a list of helpful resources and FAQs, provided by our parents, staff and students at ISB. They cover everything from where to live, where to shop, where to travel, how to navigate the city, and more. There are a number of resources online about living in Bangkok and Thailand, and we have also tried to collect some of these here for you. Our admissions team is also just an email away if you have other questions.

Thailand is a beautiful country to live in and Bangkok is a fascinating place. As an international school, we have an extremely diverse community and we know that families have different preferences of lifestyle. You can create a lifestyle that suits you here in Bangkok, be it in Nichada Thani or in the city, and there are ways to easily navigate the pros and cons of both. From this base you can explore Thailand and Southeast Asia and you can ensure your children are safe, stable and able to fully embrace their life and learning in their new school.

We hope the information given here is comprehensive enough so that it helps you make your choice of where to live and to help you find the information you need to create your enjoyable and comfortable family life here in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is an organic page that keeps growing with more resources, which can help new families and current families.

Did we miss something? Is there something we have not answered, or is there something you wish you had known when you arrived? Please send us an email at and we’ll add these questions/answers/resources.

We hope you find this page helpful!

Here are a few answers on this from commuting parents at ISB:

“My husband does the commute. It is true that commutes are long but he feels that coming home to Nichada he can enjoy the quiet and the green. ISB has started a shuttle bus to Emporium Suites that leaves at 6am and it takes around 70-80 minutes until he is at his desk.”

“Leaving before 6am, I can get downtown easily in 40 minutes. Sometimes less than 30. Try to come home before 4pm.”

“To avoid traffic, it is best to leave before 6:00 and head back before 4:00pm. Leaving after that in the morning makes a big difference, with 90 minute+ commutes being the norm. Monday mornings are the worst for traffic with the combination of the usual commuters plus those coming back from the weeekend in the provinces.”

“My husband drives into Siam every day. It rarely takes over 1 hour (beauty of Google maps). We moved to Nichada so our teenage boys could benefit from biking to school, neighborhood friends etc. We will be empty nesters this summer and my husband prefers to stay in Nichada despite his daily commute. clean air, less urban noise and stress.”

“Nichada offers a shuttle service that leaves Nichada @ 5:50 a.m. My wife takes the said service on daily basis. The return pickup takes place near the Lumphini park on Rama IV and leaves for Nichada at 4pm. On most days she is back home btw 16:30-17:00.”

“If you can leave at 5.30 traffic will be fine and you are at work even at 6.15am. The roads are clear at 5.30am and you can be downtown within 30 minutes.”

“We live in Nichada and my husband works near Sathorn area. If he leaves any time before 5:45am, it takes him 30~35 min. If he leaves somewhere between 6am- 6:30am, it takes him 45min~1hr.”

“I also commute by self driving. If you use the Nichada back gate short cut, it is 15 minutes faster, with direct access onto the highway.”




Montri Transportation Company has been providing transportation services to ISB since 1976. Montri will provide transportation services for students up to 50 kilometers away. Each bus is air-conditioned, has retractable seat belts, and a bus supervisor. Service is door-to-door for all students before school and immediately after school at 2:20pm. There is an Elementary after-school activity bus at 3:50pm which also offers door-to-door service for students in grades Kg – 5. Middle School and High School students also have additional 3:50pm and 5:10pm bus services that travel on the main routes. Students will be dropped off on a main route at a point closest to their home. For many students, this means a short walk into a Soi (lane).