Applying to ISB



  1. Contact the ISB Admissions Office:

    We welcome your questions and want to help you explore ISB for your child. Contact us by phone or submit an inquiry here to discuss your plans and your child’s needs.

  2. Review Requirements and Prepare Documents:

    Please read through all of the requirements and documents needed for application and enrollment before you begin the admissions process. The list of required documents can be found on our website at Required Documents. The quickest and most efficient way to apply is to upload all of the Step 1 and/or Step 2 documents to the online application. These documents may be uploaded in PDF format.

  3. Complete an Application and Upload or Email All Required Documents:

    • Submit the online application  (All documents can be uploaded through the online application in PDF format)

    Please note that an application is considered complete only after the ISB Admissions Office has confirmed receipt of all required Step 1 and/or Step 2 documents.

  4. Receive Notification of Application or Admissions Status from the Admissions Office:

    After we have received all Step 1 and/or Step 2 documents and have had time to review the file with our admissions committee, we will be in touch with an update on your child’s admission or application status. Please be patient as it may take us several days to review the application and supporting documents. With current standardized test scores and adequate documentation, the ISB Admissions Committee may offer some candidates applying from overseas the opportunity to reserve a seat on a provisional basis prior to arrival in Bangkok, with the understanding that the final admissions decision and grade placement will be made in Bangkok only after completion of testing or screening at ISB.

    Students applying to enroll in Kindergarten – Grade 12, who are not yet fluent in English and/or have never previously studied in an English language school, will participate in an English as an Additional Language (EAL) screening at ISB. Students applying for grades PreKG – Grade 5 do not need to demonstrate proficiency in English. However, students applying for grades 6-12 must be physically present at ISB to undergo on-site EAL and Math placement testing in order to confirm that the student meets or exceeds ISB admissions standards in both English and Math before admission can be confirmed. Notification of status may be communicated via phone or email and will be one of the following:

    • Provisional Admission Prior to Arrival in Bangkok
    • Approval to Proceed to EAL or Learning Support testing or PreKG/KG screening
    • Placement in the Wait Pool (may be communicated after testing results are available
    • Admission is Denied
    • Further Evaluation by an Outside Specialist is Required
    • Decision is Deferred
  5. Request On-Site Admissions Appointments:

    Please communicate with the ISB Admissions Office regarding when your child might be available for on-site testing at ISB. Appointments must be scheduled in advance through our office. Appointments need to be scheduled on a school day with the exception of specially arranged dates immediately before the start of each semester in January and August. Appointments during school holidays, school breaks, parent-teacher conference days, and weekends are not possible. Please plan accordingly. Please see the ISB Calendar for more information on possible appointment dates. Admissions Appointments may include one or more of the following:

    • EAL Testing
    • Math Placement testing (required of students applying to grades 6-12)
    • Standardized testing and/or Learning Support testing
    • Meeting with Counselor
    • Kindergarten/Pre-Kindergarten screening (this may be a group or individual appointment)
    • Parent Interview with an ISB Administrator
  6. Receive Notification of Testing Results (if applicable):

    If you did not receive an offer to reserve a seat on a provisional basis earlier in the admissions process, the final admissions decision and results will be communicated to you after on-site testing and Admissions Committee review. These results may be communicated by telephone or in an email from the ISB Admissions Office, school counselor or principal.

  7. Complete Medical Requirements:

    Print out the ISB Immunization Form and ISB Physical Exam Form. These can be found on the Required Documents page of the website. Take both forms and your child(ren) to a qualified medical doctor of your choice. Both documents must be signed, stamped or sealed by the medical institution providing these services and must include TB (Tuberculosis) screening results. These forms should be completed no more than 6 months prior to your child’s date of enrollment.

  8. Prepare and Submit Documents Required for Enrollment:

    Submit all outstanding Step 2 & Step 3 documents via email prior to your arrival in Bangkok or upon your next visit to the ISB Admissions Office. Please note that all required documents must be complete and on file in the Admissions Office or the student will not be authorized to start school and enrollment will be delayed. To see precisely which documents you have in and which are still missing, please refer to our online admissions document tracking system. Log into the online application, click on “home” in the upper right hand corner next to “Welcome”, then click on one of the links under the heading “Access your Checklists”. A green circle in front of an item means the item has been received by the admissions office or that item is not required of you.