The Application Processing fee for the 2020/21 School Year is 4,700 Baht. This fee is payable when an application is submitted to the Admission Office and is not refundable.


The Registration fee for the 2020/21 School Year is 260,000 Baht. This one-time fee is payable the first year a student enrolls in Grades Kindergarten through 12 and is not refundable unless the new student
withdraws within the first 20 days of enrollment.


The Annual fee for the 2020/21 School Year is 22,000 Baht, or 11,000 Baht per semester. This yearly non-refundable fee is payable by all students enrolled in Grades Kindergarten through 12. Current holders of Capital or Assessment Certificates are exempted from this fee.


The International School Association (ISA) Membership fee for the 2020/21 School Year is 10 Baht.


The Tuition fees for the 2020/21 School Year are:

Per Annum Per Semester
Pre-Kindergarten 552,000 276,000
Elementary (Grades K-5) 850,000 425,000
Middle (Grades 6-8) 954,000 477,000
High (Grades 9-12) 1,003,000 501,500
Intensive Learning Needs* 950,000 475,000

*Intensive Learning Needs: This fee is in addition to the Tuition Fees. If you are interested in our Intensive Needs program, please contact the school for further details. We are able to accommodate up to 6 students for 2020/21.


The Transportation (Air-conditioned, Adult monitored & Two-way only) fees for the 2020/21 School Year are:

Distance from ISB (km) Semester 1 Semester 2 Whole year
1 to 5 42,000 48,000 90,000
6 to 15 44,100 50,300 94,400
16 to 25 50,300 57,500 107,800
26 to 35 56,000 63,900 119,900
36 to 45 61,400 70,000 131,400
46 to 55 67,300 76,800 144,100


Full tuition fees on a per-semester basis are charged after a student has been at ISB for 50 days. Up to
that time, ISB will charge 2% of the per semester tuition fee per day. Transportation fees are charged
based on the no. of days of each semester and will be prorated based upon the number of months of

In the event of circumstances not foreseen when fees were set, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to increase or revise fees at any time during the school year.


Students presently enrolled:
  • A non-refundable deposit of Baht 40,000 is due by April 30, 2020.
  • The 1st semester Tuition, Transportation, Annual, and Membership fees, minus the non-refundable deposit paid by April 30, 2020, are due by June 30, 2020.
  • The 2nd semester Tuition, Transportation, and Annual fees are due by November 16, 2020.
New Students:
  • Baht 40,000 non-refundable deposit is immediately due after acceptance
  • The 1st Semester – All school fees are due by June 30, 2020.
  • The 2nd Semester – All school fees are due by November 16, 2020.
  • For students enrolling after the above due dates, all (full/pro-rated) school fees are immediately due after acceptance.


Fees are payable in Thai Baht, net of any bank charges (transfer fees, credit card charges etc.)

Payments can be made by:
  • Online (for the application fee and non-refundable deposit only)
  • Cash
  • Check, made payable to “International School Association”
  • Credit Card (Visa, Master, Amex)
Wire transfer to:

Account name: International School Association
Bank Name: TMB Bank PCL., Central Plaza Chaengwattana Branch
Savings account number #235-2-20990-8
Bank address: 3000 Phaholyothin Road, Jatujak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand

Important: A fax or an email of the wire transfer/deposit slip referring to the children’s name is required.


A late payment fee of 0.75% per month will be charged for all overdue payments. Students may be excluded from classes when payments are overdue.


While ISB maintains limited student accident insurance coverage for activities authorized by and under the supervision of school authorities, each student is required to obtain his/her own adequate medical insurance. On overseas trips, travel insurance is mandatory and will be included in the trip cost for all students.


Students leaving the school are required to clear all obligations before final records will be forwarded to the next school or University. This includes text, library books, and other school materials.


For additional information or explanation, you may contact Khun Atchara, Invoice Assistant (tel. 02-963-5800 ext. 1122), fax 02-583-5432, e-mail