The following documents are required before a notification of application or admissions status can be provided, followed by scheduling of on-site testing. An application is considered complete only after the ISB Admissions Office has confirmed receipt of all Step 1 documents, in the case of non-residents, and all Step 1 and Step 2 documents in the case of residents of Thailand.


  • A minimum of the most recent 2-3 years of school reports including reports from the current school year (all terms, semesters or grading periods issued to date are required), where the student is old enough to possess them, including teacher comments and attendance records. The reports must be issued in English by the school or officially translated into English.
  • Grading Key, if not already included as part of the school reports.
  • Recommendation Form completed by either the Principal or the Counselor at your child’s current school. Required for Kindergarten – Grade 12 applicants only.
  • Standardized Test Scores – required when available and expected from students applying for grades 4-12 who have attended an American curriculum school in grade 3 or above. Standardized test scores are a very important part of the admissions process and every effort should be made to comply. In many cases, those who provide standardized test scores may be exempt from participation in on-site standardized testing.
  • Copy of student’s passport photo page
  • Copy of parent’s passport photo page (parent who is employed in Thailand)
  • Non-refundable application processing fee of Baht 4,700 per student. Please click here for Method of Payment.

Additional documents required at time of application for Thai or Dual Thai/expat nationals: Please note that your child’s name on the school reports and expatriate passport, must be the same name that your child has on his/her Thai birth certificate and House Hold Registration:

  • Copy of expatriate parent’s passport photo page if student is applying as a dual national
  • Copy of student’s expatriate passport photo page if student is applying as a dual national
  • Copy of student’s Thai Birth Certificate (original Thai language version preferred) and
  • Household Registration – both first and last names must be the same names as those on the expat passport and school reports.
  • Copy of Thai parent’s Thai Household Registration
  • Copy of Thai parent’s Thai National Identity Card
If your child is currently a resident of Thailand, the following should also be submitted as part of the Step 1 documents above.


If your child is not presently a resident of Thailand, these documents may be submitted upon your arrival in Thailand. Please note that these documents are required before your child can be authorized to start school. If any one of these documents is missing or incomplete, enrollment will be delayed.

  • Copy of passport of parent who is employed in Thailand.
  • Copies of Non-immigrant visa type page for employed parent (typically type B, F, or D) and current visa if applicable.
  • Copies of Non-immigrant visa type page for each student (typically type O, F or D) and current visa if applicable.
  • Local Contact Information section of the application (Form C O) including a local phone number, if these details were not provided as part of the online application.
  • Copy of parent work permit for those who are self-employed or in private business – by request of the ISB Admissions Office.
  • Letter of verification from corporate sponsor, if your employer will pay for school fees.

Documents Required of Thai or dual Thai/expat nationals:

  • Copy of student’s Thai Household Registration and Thai National ID card
We recommend that you complete the medical requirements after ISB has sent notification of your child’s admissions status and reserved a seat on his/her behalf in order to ensure seat availability and avoid unnecessary medical expenses.


The medical forms may be submitted after your arrival in Thailand however should not be completed more than 6 months prior to your child’s date of enrollment. Please note that both forms are required before your child can be authorized to start school at ISB. If either of these documents is missing, incomplete or completed improperly, enrollment will be delayed until all required documents have been received and are complete.

  • Medical Forms: completed in English and signed by the medical provider and including the stamp or seal of the doctor, clinic or hospital.

Additional Documents:

Parents are required to submit the following at the time of application (Step 1) if they pertain to your child and are in your possession or the possession of your child’s school or their former school(s). Full disclosure is expected so these should be volunteered as part of the Step 1 documents.

  • Testing results or documentation used to determine eligibility for Gifted and Talented programs
  • Individualized Education or Learning Plan (IEP or ILP) or 504 Plan
  • Learning support reports and testing results
  • Reading support reports and testing results
  • Occupational Therapy (OT) Reports
  • Speech and Language services report and testing results
  • Psychological or psycho-educational testing results and reports

The following documents should be provided as soon as they are available:

  • Updated school records, reports, or transcripts – from most recent semester, term or quarter (reports issued after the application was submitted but prior to enrollment at ISB)
  • Official transcript(s) in a sealed envelope (required of High School students)
  • Letter or certificate of attendance if enrolling mid-semester