Provisional admission may be offered to some students who are moving from overseas based on 2-3 years of school records, standardized test scores, all required documents and a student application if an opening is available in the appropriate grade and program. This offer is based on our understanding that the student does not have any learning or special needs that have not been fully disclosed or that are identified during the admissions process.

Documents required by the Admissions Office may be mailed, emailed as attachments or uploaded to the online application. Originals should be hand carried and submitted in person upon arrival in Thailand.

Please note that students cannot be recorded as applicants until the ISB Admissions Office has confirmed receipt of an application and all required documents. The date of this confirmation may be important in a waiting list situation, not the date of your initial contact with ISB.

The application is considered complete only when the ISB Admissions office has received ALL of the requested documents.

In order to be offered admission, the student’s school reports, standardized testing results and testing at ISB must indicate that the student is close to, at, or above grade level in all subjects.  The student’s academic records must indicate average to above average academic performance in their native language or an English language curriculum school.  This includes applicants to the LS and EAL programs.
Expatriate students may be admitted at any time of year provided the student meets our academic requirements and there is a space available.

Students applying to Pre-K1 must be 3 years old by September 1st of the enrollment year. Students applying to Pre-K2 must be 4 years old by September 1st of the enrollment year. Students applying to Kindergarten must be 5 years old by September 1st of the enrollment year. Students applying to grade 1 must be 6 years old by September 1st. Exceptions to Kindergarten may be made under special circumstances and are subject to approval by the Elementary School Principal. Please contact the Director of Admissions or your Admissions Case Manager for details on how to request an exception to Kindergarten. We do not make exceptions to the birthday cut-off date for either Pre-K1 or Pre-K2.  Should you be requesting an exception to Kindergarten, please apply for the applicants’ age-appropriate grade level first and ask for the exception documentation.

All students in grades 9-12 are required to submit official transcripts to the ISB High School Office so that credits can be transferred.

High school grade classification will be based on number of years completed, number of credits earned, and time of year of arrival.

Qualified students with special needs will be provided services on the basis of records, previous placement, current assessment, Individual Educational Plan (IEP), psycho-educational evaluation, and the admissions committee’s recommendation (please see the Special Needs Admissions Statement which is included in the ISB Admissions Packet or write to us at to request one). ISB is unable to provide special needs services to students who also need EAL services.

All EAL applicants must demonstrate that he or she is close to, at, or above grade level in all subjects and school reports must indicate average to above – average achievement in any language before testing appointments can be scheduled. Students who are eligible to enroll in Pre-KG – Grade 5 do not need to meet minimum proficiency standards in English. Students entering grades 6-12 must demonstrate that they meet or exceed the English language standards established by ISB for their grade level before admission can be offered as Middle School and High School do not have programs for EAL beginners. Grade 6-12 applicants who participate in the EAL screening, will have a counselor appointment scheduled or confirmed after EAL results are available. Please refer to the handout on EAL for additional details on the EAL assessment and entrance standards.

Student must be in residence with at least one parent or school-approved guardian while enrolled at ISB. The parent or guardian must be in Thailand for the purpose of employment.
Students who have attended reception and are about to begin Year 1 in a British system, and are 5 years old by September 1st of the year of enrollment will be placed in Kindergarten at ISB. Year 2 students who are 6 years old by September 1st of the year of enrollment will be placed in Grade 1 at ISB. The following years will be placed according to age and number of years the school records show the student has been in school.

In most cases, students coming from schools with vastly different calendars (i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, India) will continue in the same grade level.

Applicants who cannot be enrolled due to lack of space in a grade or program shall be placed in a waiting pool until a space becomes available.
ISB is a family oriented school. Siblings of current ISB students may be given priority if the student meets our academic requirements and a seat is available in the appropriate grade level and program.
ISB reserves the right, through its administrative and professional staff, to determine the proper placement of new students. Testing, interviews and a review of all pertinent records are used to ensure that students are placed properly.