At ISB we update our fees and tuition costs on a yearly basis, the information for each school year is released a few months before term begins. In regards to the 2018-19 school year, the aforementioned changes have already been published.

Fees and costs for initial registration primarily include an application processing fee, a registration fee and an annual fee. Once the student’s application is approved, the process then addresses the tuition and transportation fees, alongside the ISA membership fee.

The payment process differs depending on the student’s situation. If the student in question is currently enrolled at ISB or has been one of its students over the past school year, the payment process in their case is different than that of a new arrival. The details of both processes have already been released.

There are quite a few payment methods that ensure both your satisfaction and ours, whether it is through wire transfers, Credit cards or on-campus payments, it is possible to explore any of the options so long as the due deadlines are met. Overdue payments incur a late payment fee.

ISB has also set the rules and regulations for students regarding Health Insurance in such a manner that our limited student accident insurance coverage is reserved for emergencies and for activities authorized by and under the supervision of school authorities and/or parents and/or guardians. Students are still advised to acquire their own personal optimal Health Insurance.

Students that decide to leave school or transfer elsewhere must oversee the correct flow of their transition by finalizing documents and clearing all obligations before their records could be obtained.

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