At International School Bangkok (ISB), we have thorough Child Safeguarding policies to ensure that our students experience a safe and caring environment where they are protected from harm. We run thorough background checks on all our staff and any external personnel offering instruction to students on campus.

To learn more about our Child Safeguarding Policies, please click here.


At ISB we manage our own in-house security team comprising 54 guards, a Security Manager, an Assistant Security Manager, a Security Technician, and a Campus Monitor. The team is responsible for 24 hours/7 daysaweek security patrols and access control of the main campus, faculty housing, and our Environmental Wilderness Campus in Petchaburi.

We also have a team of 5 full-time nurses, 2 part-time nurses, and a medical coordinator. They are present and available during the school day and at all schoolsponsored events. Our pools are managed by an Aquatics Director and 5 highly trained lifeguards. All teaching staff are First Aid/CPR/AED certified, and the school provides annual recertification courses. We have 6 First Aid/CPR/AED Instructors on staff at ISB. We partner with International SOS to provide Medical Emergency Response plans for all trips and have access to their emergency call center 24/7 for other emergency situations on or offcampus.

ISB is fortunate to have an extra layer of security, being based within the Nichada Thani community. This affords our community – whether they live inside of Nichada or outside – the comfort of knowing students are safe and secure at all times. ISB and Nichada Thani’s ID Card and Access procedures help to ensure this security, while being flexible enough to remain welcoming and allow ample access to the ISB campus for all community members and friends of ISB.


ISB is located outside of Bangkok City Center in a green area of Nichada Thani and we are less impacted by pollution, which has seen a rise in Bangkok over the December – February months each year. Fortunate as we are with our location, student health and safety is our top priority and we have put many measures in place to ensure we can safeguard our students from the negative impacts of poor air quality. We have developed thorough Air Quality Guidelines and we have invested in a calibrated air quality monitor on campus. The monitor checks PM2.5, PM10, Humidity and Temperature and displays a real-time reading of the current conditions on campus. It takes a sample every minute and displays that on the public ISB website. We are then able to make real-time decisions in line with our guidelines, based on accurate readings for our campus. Air Quality can fluctuate dramatically within a short period of time, therefore our real-time data is important for us to be able to make accurate and well-informed decisions for our students.

The monitor is provided by a company called GAMS that works extensively with schools in China, where high levels of pollution have been a concern for many years. A number of schools have followed our lead in this and also installed the GAMS unit. We installed this GAMS unit because we wanted to be sure we have the most accurate reading on our campus and we use it as the official reading for all school activities and guidelines. We also store all the data points so we can monitor for trends, to access increase and decline. The live display page calculates the Air Quality Index and Heat Index in real time, based on US EPA and NOAA standards.

We have set up the system to send out email alerts to ISB staff, when the AQI or Heat Index reaches our threshold limits, based on the current policies and guidelines. Our guidelines are based on best practice and are inline with other schools in the region. Our Director of Risk Management has extensive experience in this area having helped to develop the guidelines for schools in China, where the levels of pollution have been a concern for a number of years. Our guidelines show as follows:

Please review the guidelines in detail. You will also find additional resources therein.

You can be assured that the safety of our students, and our staff and parents, are top priority and we have installed top-of-line equipment to ensure we can make accurate decisions.

Since the time the monitor was installed, we are showing a substantially lower AQI than downtown areas during these higher polluted days. We are fortunate with our location outside of the city and in Nichada Thani.