ISB Campus Facilities


ISB Campus Facilities

Each year at International School Bangkok (ISB), our 37-acre (79 rai) campus sees enhancements or additions. We have an ongoing facilities master plan, through which we ensure that our campus stays well-maintained and safe, that our learning spaces continue to inspire students and that we have all the facilities and equipment needed to support our community’s wide range of interests, passions and aspirations.

At ISB, we are aware what an important role the physical environment plays in education. Thoughtfully designed learning spaces, tailored to align with innovative educational practices that best support our programs, allow learning to be extended in ways that a more traditional school environment cannot provide.

Community and openness are also central to our designs, and our campus allows for ease of movement between divisions and between the sports and art centers. There are ample common areas for students and parents and there are carefully designed study areas where students can work independently and in groups.

The campus is often described as a nature campus, with an abundance of trees, immaculately maintained gardens, an Agri garden, and our panther park.

From state-of-the-art athletics facilities, performance art theaters fit for professionals, design and robotics labs, visual art labs, libraries, and much more, we cater to everyone and almost every program here at ISB.