ISB is located in a beautiful gated community just outside the heart of the city. Students that reside in this community often walk or ride their bicycles to school, with ISB maintaining bike racks which can accomodate more than 300 bicycles. Helmets are required for all students, parents and ISB employees who wish to ride their bicycle onto our campus.

For students living in the city, ISB utilizes Montri Bus Company. Students are picked up from their residences each morning and are offered departure times from school in the afternoon which accomodate our after school activities and sports program. Each bus has a Montri employee that functions as the Bus Monitor with all buses having communication systems which allows Montri personnel to keep in direct contact with the school. When conducting school business, ISB parents can also utilize Montri bus services.


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Developing a Growth Mindset

02 December, 2014

Once upon a time, it was believed that we were born with a ceiling on our skills and talents, that we were dealt a single set of cards we had to ma

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